Why a spouse needs life insurance!

Stop and ask yourself – can I alone afford to raise my children while working full time? 

Will I have enough time working full time to raise them right? 

Do I make enough to pay all the bills including the new expense of daycare or after school care?

During my tenure as a Cop I have seen the negative outcomes from single parent families. I have also celebrated the successes as well. You have too. 

Given the opportunity to plan correctly now, if your significant other dies, can you realistically carry on working while properly raising your kids?

Can I take care of my kids, and work, if my spouse dies?
Do they have other plans in retirement?

Sure we all have family that can help out. Ask yourself how long will they help? Do they have other needs/wants that may change up their future assistance? How old are they?  What are their priorities today?  How about in ten years from now?

Planning for the loss of a spouse requires the same type of calculations that I wrote about in How much life insurance do I need? 

Start by assuming worst case scenario and you have to become a full time parent.

Begin by assessing your “LIFE”

Liabilities outstanding

Income needed to sustain the living standard until kids are done with high school

Funeral expenses

Education/college for the kids

Plus it wouldn’t hurt to add a little more into the final number as your retirement formula is reduced.

This is where we can help. With a quick phone call we can help identify an amount of life insurance that will allow you to be a full time parent because of a bad day.

Remember, once kids come into our lives its no longer about what is best for us – it is what is best for them!

Now wait – I don’t have kids.  Good point.  Well how about this:

Is your household dependent on your spouse’s income?  

Are there debts like school loans, credit cards or auto loans that will remain a part of the estate when a spouse dies?

Why wait till a significant life event like a child being born to obtain insurance when every year it becomes more expensive due to natural aging?  

What happens if your spouse dies during child birth? 

Life happens. Things outside of your control can impact your rates – parent diagnosed with cardiac issues; a sibling dies; a job that delays coverage due to a pandemic; I could continue to add different scenarios because this happens.

Why wait?


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