About Ian

All transactions are built on a foundation of trust.  Even if it’s as simple as ordering a donut, or slightly more involved like buying life insurance. So is it unreasonable you would like to know more about this “Ian” guy?  No, not unreasonable at all.

Ian Miesen

I believe we all have the responsibility to prevent a financial burden being forced upon our loved ones when we die. I help clients build a custom protection portfolio so that their loved ones maintain their quality of life after a death, injury or illness. Let’s be real – do you want to be remembered with fond memories and appreciation or with bills, financial struggles and debt?

Life Insurance For Cops

I am a supporter of Law Enforcement. For 17 years I worked as a Police Officer before injuries forced a medical retirement. I believe the men and women of Law Enforcement are outstanding individuals, who do great things everyday and make a difference. If you disagree or wish to debate this issue please go find another agent ~ there are plenty of other agents who will trade in their values for a sale.

Let me start with the regulatory insurance stuff I need to disclose.  I am a health+life agent, licensed to conduct business in 35 states.  Each state has its own regulatory authority that oversees insurance matters.  

California is my home state.  My California license number is 0M43578 (first number is zero not letter O).  Visit the California Dept of Insurance and you can confirm this information by name or license number.  Here is a screen shot listing my basic information.  

Ian Miesen Insurance License

To contact me directly please dial 714-651-3296.